The F45 Challenge

This is for all people who participate in the 8-week F45 challenge. We follow the 3-phase nutrition programmed designed by F45, all meals are made from the recipes on the F45 app.

This is all handcrafted by our trained chefs who use clean ingredients and weighed to the guidelines so are fully prepped and ready to ensure you have the best results. All meals are gluten free and refined sugar free. We have a selection of dietary requirements available for you to choose from if needed.

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F45 Challenge Meal Plans

Performance Nutrition

At Think Food we want you to choose it your way.

All our chicken is delta cooked meaning that it will retain its moisture for longer. We use Prime New Zealand Angus Beef sirloin cooked medium for all meals. Our fresh produce comes from New Zealand suppliers, so that you get the freshest broccoli, kale or beans available.

With the option of three different plans each can be customised for what protein or carbs you wish to have. Simply pick the plan you wish to have, Choose up to three options for complex carbs and protein, place your order and your away!

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Performance Plans

Everyday Meal Packs

We believe delicious food and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavour. That is why our meals are always freshly made not frozen.

Each week we bring out a new menu which has different daily meals available to order. Let us take the stress out and just choose what suits your lifestyle and you’re on your way

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Everyday Meal Packs

Daily Menu

Breakfast & Snacks

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