F45 Challenge Meal Plan Information Pack

Thank you for your interest in the Think Food X F45 Challenge Meal Plans.

Your success in the F45 Challenge is hugely reliant on both attending the classes and keeping your nutrition on point to achieve optimal performance results.
At Thinkfood, our chefs will produce the meals specified on the F45 Challenge meal plan and portion them precisely into the male or female guidelines.
The F45 Challenge plan provides Mainstream, Vegan and Vegetarian plans for the challenge, here at Thinkfood we are always happy to help with any additional dietary requirements.
Our Challenge meals can be ordered in the packages detailed below, all packages will be delivered 3 times a week on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
Full 8 Week Challenge pack:
-This can be ordered from Wednesday 3rd July, Lunch and Dinner everday for 7 days, 12% discount included in this pack. This is the pack we reccomend for the best results.

Week to week pack:
- 7 day option: This is Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Sunday)
- 5 day option: This is Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Daily option:
This is Lunch and Dinner for one day (Monday to Sunday Available)
All orders can be placed on the Think Food website by 1 pm each Saturday for the following week.
To keep your nutrition on track and stay committed throughout the challenge we recommend ordering for the full 8 weeks. We believe meal prep is a huge key to your success, knowing you have all your meals portioned and ready to eat.

Delivery Options:

Gym Delivery: This delivery is done every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Morning to our fridges in partnered gyms. This is done before the first class so your meals are there to take after your workout. Please see our website for list of partnered gyms.

Courier Delivery: Meals are delivered Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's to ensure freshness and quality with every meal.

All deliveries are between the hours of Sam-1 pm and can be delivered for convenience to your home or work. We recommended leaving a chiller bag out if you cannot commit to be at home or work during these hours.

Delivery Fees:
All delivery fees are calculated at the checkout when you have entered your postcode and the delivery option is selected.
Delivery to Outer Auckland and Hamilton will incur an extra fee. Please see our website for these delivery limits.

Package Pricing:
The F45 menu is available weekly in the "F45 Challenge App" this is where you are able to view the weeks meals in advance. We will also send out a menu weekly, via email to let you know what will be arriving in your order.

We will not refund for any packages already received unless damaged. All Daily, Weekly and Performance Nutrition Meals incure a 25% admin fee. All f45 8 Week or bulk plans require a 2 week notice period be fore cancellation, these will also incur a 25% admin fee. All refunds will be processed within 7-10 working days after we have received your refund application form. Please contact us and we will send you the refund form for you to complete.
All our packages include Lunch and Dinner.
We accommodate all dietary requirements, there is a small surcharge of 3.2% per package for this tailored service.

We cater as best as we can for all requirements, whilst extra care is taken with your meals please note we do use wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood and dairy in our kitchen and therefore all food may contain traces of these allergens.

Due to the meals being developed internationally produce may vary due to seasonal availability as we only use the freshest produce availble in New Zealand, if we do this the macros will remain the same.
For more inforamtion surrounding the challenge and plans please email through to info@thinkfood.co.nz and we can help you with any and all questions.