Performance Nutrition Meals

At Think Food we want you to choose it your way. With the option of three different plans each can be customised for what protein or carbs you wish to have. 

Lean and Mean: This is a lower fat based plan which includes 100g of lean protein, 75g of green vegetables and 75g of mixed carbs. 

Shred and Shed: This is a high protein and zero carb plan. 200g of protein and 200g vegetables.

Gain: This is a higher gain plan. 200g of protein, 200g of carbs and 200g of vegetables.

Our packages come in meal amounts of 6, 12, 14 and 18. Deliveries are split up into three, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, where you will receive 6 meals at a time. We believe that fresh is always best.

All our chicken is now delta cooked meaning that it will retain its moisture for longer. We use Prime New Zealand Angus Beef sirloin cooked medium for all meals. We use fresh New Zealand market fish that comes straight from our supplier. Our fresh produce comes from New Zealand suppliers, so that you get the freshest broccoli, kale or beans available. 

All orders must be received by 8:30pm Saturday for Monday pickup. All orders received after this time will be allocated to Wednesday pickup.