F45 Challenge Meal Plans

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Challenge Available for Order Now:

Challenge 22 - 29th April - 23rd June


Download the information pack below to learn more about our ordering and delivery process:

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Upcoming F45 Challenges

Challenge 23 - 22nd July - 15th Sep
Challenge 24 - 14th Oct - 8th Dec


We have the below packages available for order. All orders must be placed by 1pm Saturday for the following week. Any late orders please contact info@thinkfood.co.nz.

- 2 Week Challenge pack. This can be ordered now, Lunch and Dinner everyday for 7 days, 5% discount included in this pack. 

- 7 day option: This is Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Sunday)

- 5 day option: This is Lunch and Dinner (Monday to Friday)

Daily option: This is Lunch and Dinner for one day (Monday to Sunday Available) 

 - Dietaries: We cater as best we can to all dietary requirements. Whist extra care is taken with your meals please note we do use wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, seafood and dairy in our kitchen and therefore may contain of traces of these allergens.

Order for Challenge 22 below.

Early cancellation or termination of orders will incur an admin fee and refunds will be processed within 7-10 working days.

For Daily Meals: Orders received after our cut off times will be added to the following weeks deliveries

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