Performance Nutrition Meal Plan


Our performance nutrition plan provides you with delicious, balanced meals that  takes the guesswork out of planning your healthy lifestyle! A combination of the right high-quality lean protein, complex carbohydrates and  market vegetables.

There are three plans for you to choose from. Each plan can be paired with a set amount of meals that can be delivered to suit your daily intake and lifestyle.

Deliveries are split up into three, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, where you will receive 8 meals at a time. We believe that fresh is always best. You can add more to your cart and add a note in the Special Instructions area below and we can make it work!

You can add upsize protein for more fuel.

All orders must be received by 1pm the day before the selected delivery day. Monday delivery must be received by 1pm Saturday, Wednesday delivery must be received by 1pm Tuesday and for Friday delivery must be received by 1pm Thursday. All orders received after 1pm will be allocated to the next available delivery date.

For any late orders please call the kitchen on 09 3664756 or James on 021 761 339.

Fish Option: By default all our meal plans will use market best white fish for the fish meals. If you wish you can select salmon and the fish will be replaced with the best premium salmon available in NZ.

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